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Feb 18, 2020

Valerio PelliccioniAndrew Kuntz

🕑 44 minutes

Andrew Kuntz and Valerio Pelliccioni have run the wiki Traditional Tune Archive since 2010, with Andrew handling most of the content and Valerio handling the technical aspects.

Links for some of the topics discussed:

Feb 4, 2020

Trevor Parscal

🕑 1 hour 59 minutes

Trevor Parscal is a software developer who worked at the Wikimedia Foundation from 2008 to 2017, and has worked at wikiHow since 2017.

Links for some of the topics discussed:

Jan 21, 2020

BTB Digest

🕑 27 minutes

Highlights of episodes from late 2019. Olga Vasileva recommends some changes for the Wikipedia interface, Felipe Schenone plugs an extension, Clément Flipo explains his marketing approach, Jeroen De Dauw compares Semantic MediaWiki and Wikibase, Jan Höffler talks about the future of open science, and...

Jan 7, 2020

Richard Evans

🕑 58 minutes

Richard Evans is an electronics engineer at the NASA Glenn Research Center. He has been using MediaWiki since 2008.

Links for some of the topics discussed:

Dec 24, 2019

🕑 27 minutes

It's a holiday special! Featuring reminiscences on the year (and decade), music from consultant (and guitarist) Bernhard Krabina, surprise guests, and more!